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Hello, writers and readers alike.


I'm Christine; a small town dreamer and natural-born artist in every sense. I'm a mother to one headstrong princess and a swoon-worthy little prince. I'm also a writer, portrait photographer, and full-time literature student based in Jacksonville, Florida. * Please send help! *
A long-time bookworm, my love for fantasy all began with Peter Pan. From there I grew up to adore the boy wizard, himself. I've been crafting stories in my head since I was a pre-teen, but there was one story I always came back to. It's known as "The Merchant's Stars." I hope to see it published one day. My writing is heavily influenced by mental health, self-acceptance, and real-life cultures. I strive to craft uniquely relatable characters and immersive fantasy worlds.
Persistent with becoming the best version of my author self, I hope to inspire others to do the same. I'm here to demystify the writing craft and share advanced techniques I've learned along the way. Please consider subscribing to my newsletter and joining my writing tribe!