My Novels

T HE  M E R C H A N T ' S  S T A R S

Her nation dissolving, a merchant's daughter must reclaim her inheritance and preserve the sovereignty of her country, but it will take more than money to save them. Though she strives to be the redemptress her country sees her as she can't save them all.

S T A T U S : D R A F T I N G

 M O N S T E R S  O N L Y  I  C A N  S E E

Trusted to protect his best friend's little brother, a prejudice native warrior finds himself the ward of an infamous count and sympathizing with his estranged wife. His loyalties blurred, one thing he knows, he wishes to prove he isn't the monster society has painted him to be.

S T A T U S :  O U T L I N I N G

W A N T  M O R E ?


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