• Christine Roland

Save the Cat Writes a Novel

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

By Jessica Brody.


This is a quick, down-to-earth summary of how much STCWAN helped me with the structure of my novel. Not only did it help me plot the outer journey, but also ensured the inner journey of my protagonist matched the pace. This is a MUST HAVE for all novelists, seasoned or new to their craft. Here are the most helpful aspects of the writing craft book which assisted me the most;

  • Relevant examples of modern literature

  • Step by Step easy to follow guides

  • Clear examples of how to discover what kind of hero your protagonist is

  • Guides you toward the plot structure your hero should follow for their best arc

  • Pushes the outer conflicts and inner conflicts to climax simultaneously

  • Presents the basic themes all novels fall into and how to choose the best one for your novel

  • Assists in creating a layered story with an engaging pace

  • Step by step guide on drafting a one-sentence pitch for agents and readers